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Rat & Rodent Control

Two principles must be kept in mind in the rat proofing of buildings: first, the exterior of those parts of the structures accessible to rats, including porches or other appurtenances, must be constructed of materials resistant to the gnawing of rats and all openings must be either permanently closed or protected with doors, gratings on screens; second, the interior of the building must provide no dead space, such as double walls, spaces between ceiling and floors, staircases and boxed-in piping, or any other places where a rat might find safe harborage, unless they are permanently sealed with impervious materials.To control the Rat menace in the buildings baiting & trapping is issentials

    Treatement Process:

  • Put fine chicken mesh from the external portion of the windows exhaust fans etc. so that it will restrict the entry of the rats from the windows.

  • The underground cable ducting should neatly be covered.

  • Using our expertise, we will minimize the problem by baiting methods, using traps, glue pads etc.

  • Unwanted material, grass, garbage should be removed immediately. This will minimize the hiding and harboring places of the rats.

  • The surrounding area of the constructed portion should be kept clean.

  • Chemical Baiting & Trapping by using various modern traps.