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Uncommon Pest control

Snake Pest control

Corrective method

Snakes, hide in deep holes and only come out only to hunt for food once a week. They will be very active soon after shedding their upper skin once a month. To catch a snake we have some special methods. By using them we can even catch them from their hidings. The captured snakes will be released in deep jungle.

Preventive method

After making the compound snake free zone we must adopt preventive methods to avoid their re-entry into the zone. They can be restricted by shutting down all the holes along the compound wall and by using snake repellant chemicals. The snake repellants available will lasts their resistance power in a span of one month and repeated treatments are recommended.
All the ingredients in the snake repellant chemicals are non-toxic and are listed and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency of U.S. the supporting body of International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS). The active ingredients and their percentages are listed in the Material safety data sheet. Apart from the spray we use specialised pheromone based ribbons and pads.

Lizard Pest control

Corrective method

There are over 150 species of lizards in India. The majority are forest dwellers and difficult to sight. The most commonly seen are a few species of Geckos (Hemidactylus) which quickly colonize houses, darting about on the ceiling in the evening after cockroaches, mosquitoes and other prey. People mistakenly believe they are poisonous, and that a gecko falling into food can cause fatal poisoning.

Controlling methods

IPM has come out with a unique formulation that makes the lizard come out from their habitat and once the spray falls on it dies immediately. Another method is by using a glue pad for which the lizards stick to it.Also we are using airosoles on walls to prevent the entry in office primises.

Weed Control

Weed & vegitations around primises is control by weedecide. Properly define the location and the extent of the plants to be controlled,identify the weeds and their habitats.

Scorpian Pest control

Scorpions can get inside buildings through torn windows and door screens, or through vents and other openings in walls. For this reason, prevention is a good, natural method of scorpion pest control. Check weather stripping around doors and make sure there are no gaps. Repair or replace any damaged sections.

Make sure that trees and bushes don't reach all the way to the walls of your home, and also keep your lawns mowed. Additionally, if you have woodpiles or clutter anywhere near the house, it's a good idea to get rid of them since they serve as ideal places for scorpions. These arachnids naturally like to keep out of the sun by hiding beneath objects, and there's nothing like a pile of wood to keep the sun out.

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