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Wood Preservation

Wood preservatives can extend the life of wood and reduce the need for forest resources, but proper use is important. Some preservatives can slowly leach into the surrounding soil or water. Sometimes, touching the wood can leave residue on exposed skin. Use the resources below to learn about selecting and using treated wood properly.

Insects like wood-borers damage your wooden furniture. These insects vanish by our wood preservation treatment. In this case waste no time in calling us, as soon as you plan to make furniture.  Treat  the outer surface by spraying methods for longer period and relax, avoiding any further damage to costly wooden material.

When using treated wood, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure you select the proper type of treated wood for the job. Some treated wood and wood preservatives are restricted to specific uses.

  • Consider wearing gloves when handling unsealed treated wood to reduce exposure to your skin.

  • Consider wearing a dust mask while cutting treated wood to help prevent treated sawdust from being inhaled. Even untreated wood can irritate a person's airways.

  • Never burn treated wood. Toxic chemicals can be released in the smoke.

  • Consider using paint, varnish or some other type of sealant on treated wood as a barrier between the chemical and the surrounding environment.

  • Some wood preservatives can leach into soil and be taken up by plants. If you are planning to use treated wood close to edible plants, consider reviewing the resources below or talking to a NPIC specialist about ways to minimize the risks of treated wood.

  • Infestation to Existing Furnitures.

  • The Treatment Process is as follows.

  • This treatment is to be carried out only once on the plywood, block board or any type of wood.

  • The treatment is to be rendered before painting, polishing or laminating.

  • This treatment will not allow to grow the wooden pest inside or to attack the wood from outside.

  • Waste no time in calling us as soon as you plan to make wood work, furniture.